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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Show Off's Birthday Celebration

Would you spend $2500 on a birthday cake (even is it is a safari cake complete with edible, handcrafted animals from a Branded Company)? Care to cough up $10 000 for your baby's first birthday bash? If these are not of signs of a show off, I'm not sure what else to call parents who splurge in such ways for their children's birthdays.

I come from a middle class family and the first person to celebrate his birthday was my second eldest brother, Razak for his 21st birthday. It was a simple celebration where family and close relatives and friends were invited and mum cooked scrumptious food.

About 14 years back, we celebrated our eldest son, Deen's first birthday. It was held at my in-laws place as we were living with them at that time. There were no funky themes or catered food. Just family and friends and great food which my mum-in-law cooked up.

As the years go by, there were some changes to the birthday celebrations for my kids. For my second child, Sabrina's forth birthday, we celebrated it in her kindergarten class. I bought for her a delicious cake and goodies bags for her to share with her classmates.

Two years back, when we celebrated my youngest daughter, Janeth's first birthday, there were lots of changes. The food was catered from a restaurant, there were games and prizes and goodies bags for the kids to bring back.

I hope that as we get more stabilised economically, we would be able to celebrate their birthdays with a splash! But there is a limit to how much we would splurge. Birthday celebration are a means to show our kids we love and care for them and a chance for family and friends to get together and have fun. Not a chance to show off!

Now that we are in a new country and have met lots of wonderful people who have become our friends, I hope to celebrate my third son, Mubarak's birthday in march.
The pleasure of a birthday celebration is the preparation where the children get together to make the decorations, invitations and help out with the food too. For those who are not too adventures ( or do not want the kids to mess up), there are lots great shops where you can get birthday party supplies.

For those who choose a middle path, (where you don't want to end up with doing all the stuff for your kid's birthday so that you don't have even a minute of peace before and during the celebration or take the easy way out and just pay up lots of money so that others can handle every little detail about the birthday celebration) you can be involved with your child's birthday celebration to the level that you wish. After you have chosen a theme, you could go to a birthday party supplies store and buy a wide range of products that you need for the celebration.

You can also choose from a variety of online sites such as www.birthdayexpress.com for all your birthday needs.

As my son loves Pokemon, I was searching for interesting favors and toys with that theme in mind. I'm sure my son and his friends will love to play and eat the yummy Pokemon Puzzle Gum.

When it comes to a birthday party, there so much to choose from. What are your kids going to wear for their big day, how are you going to decorate the venue, what is that yummy cake going to be, what are the games and activities for the party, what is going to be the keepsake gifts and favors and toys for the party.

I beleive planning in advance and shopping on line and comparing price on all the above mentioned items will help to minimise cost involved and yet not limit but indeed allow you to choose form a wide variety of products available so that you can have a fun celebration.

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