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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Favourite Holiday Ideas

While my relatives and friends back home in Singapore are preparing to get their kids to school, I have been busy entertaining my kids this holidays. After our move to Adelaide, Australia in late November, we now have Extended Holidays, Yup, all the way until end January.

We are new here and since the school has not started yet my kids have not made any new friends of their age group yet. No relatives and friends to hang around with and lots of free time, so you can imagine the headache and stress I have to make sure they are not tooooo bored.

Here are some ideas and tips that has worked for me. Some of these ideas are from books and magazines that I have read and will like to try it out soon.

1. Arrange a picnic

Since sun set is about 8.30 pm over here , we go out at about about 6.30pm to the play ground nearby to have a picnic. The sea is near and the view is fantastic. Its really lovely to see the sun setting and to feed the sea gulls and look at the pelicans perching on the stands......

The kids usually bring along their scooter and have a race. Then they play lots of games like "Spider web", "Crocodile" and "Catching" in the playground. The youngest who is 2 loves to play the swing and the slides.

2. Books Glorious Books

Fortunately for all of us, the library is virtually next door. Just 5 minutes walk and we can spend hours in fantasy through reading wonderful books.

3. Scenic times

The other day, I brought the kids on the public bus and had a wonderful time looking at the lovely and wonderful scenes of beautiful Adelaide.

More Great Holiday Ideas

4. Entertain your kids when the sun goes down with a little night-time theatre. Make shadow puppets from stiff cardboard glued on sticks.

5. Hold a story writing competition or help younger children write and illustrate a story.

6. Bake yummy muffins with your kids. Encourage them to do as much of the baking process as they can. Then get them to be creative with the decorations too.

7. Get creative with playdough. Guaranteed to give hours of fun - though be prepared to clear up the mess!

8. Throw a themed party mid - holidays to catch up with friends. Think : Hawaiian, with leis and cocktail umbrellas or a safari with passport invitations. Let the kids help out with thinking up ways to decorate the place, creating the cards and games that go with the theme. And of course HAVE FUN!

9. Collect interesting things on walks, such as leaves and flowers and make a project out of it on a piece of cardboard.

10. Make a scrapbook or wonderful cards with those interesting finds. Other ideas for the scrapbook could be about the holidays, the themed party, artwork made by your kids or post cards and greeting cards received etc. Remember to reuse the wrapping paper, bows and ribbons etc to add zest to your scrapbook!

11. Give your kids paper and crayons and show them how to trace textures from surfaces. See how many they can trace around the house.

12. Act out a play. Narrate your kids' favorite book while they invent the actions to go along with it.

13. Explore your local wildlife park or the zoo to see the animals, birds and reptiles.

14. Share a few retro games from your own childhood, such as hopscotch or red rover, so the kids give them a whirl.

15. Teach your kids one or two new card games, even if they're simple as "Go Fish".

16. Build sandcastles at the beach. It's a nice way to spend the early morning or late afternoon.

17. Set up a game of hide and seek. It's lots of fun for the little ones.

18. Book a tennis court and have a hit. Don't worry about being too serious, the exercise and hand-eye skills are invaluable.

19. Go to the local cycleway/bike track and go riding or rollerblading. It's a great way to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

20. Head to the cinema. Watching a movie over the holidays is a guaranteed good time.

21. Design your own personalised calender for the New Year, stick on photos or your kids' drawings. Get input from your kids and make it to a FUN joint project for the whole family.

22. Try ten-pin bowling. It's a fun day out that all ages can enjoy.

23. Make a bowl of popcorn and rent your favorite film from childhood - they've probably never heard of E.T.!

24. Have a tournament with board games. Monopoly, Hungry Hippos, Operation or Ludo make great wet weather FUN.

Hope these 2 dozen ideas are helpful to keep the boredom away and your hour FUN filled :)

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