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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fancy Dress Costumes

Yesterday my niece took part in a fancy dress costume competition held at the community centre near her place. It is so sweet to see cute little boys and girls dressed up as pirates, spaceman, fairies, princess and many more.

Of course, heroes such as Batman and Superman were there too. One little boy dressed as a clown. I wonder whether he was trying to imitate the "Joker".

It is generally easier to dress up a toddler or young kids. For those who are teens or even adults, trying to find costumes is not such an easy task. Have you ever wanted to dress up your pet in a cute little costume?

I was checking through the net and came across this wonderful site, buycosumes.com, which offer a large variety of themed costumes designed for infants, children, adults and pets at very competitive prices.

With Halloween round the corner, most parents would have started to prepare the costumes for their kids. For those of us, who are not too handy with sewing, buycostumes.com has a special feature for Halloween.

Would you child like to dress up as one of the Pokemons or your toddler as a cute little lion? So many different costumes from the many TV show that are available. Starwars, Batman, Indiana Jones, Transformers, Power Rangers, Pokemon, Disney Pixar and the list goes on and on.

Don't worry, they have not left out the "Girls". Whether you have a infant, toddler, preschooler, teen or even adult, a wide variety of costumes are available for them too. Your toddler can be a cute little monkey, or any other "plush" animal. For your older children, you can choose from the lovely cosumes from Starwars, barbie, Disney fairies, High School Musical etc.

Even simple kids costumes could have an added zest through good use of accessories. Whether you are looking for blood and gore, guns and lasers, boots and shoes, fangs, teeth, cape or coats, jewelery, makeup or mask or any other accessory that you would need, there is such a wide variety available at buycostumes.com

If you are planning to have a themed party, do check out the site for the many different party supplies as well as decoration and props available.

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Blogger The Costume Reporter said...

This season is so much fun. I found one costume site that is very family friendly and is even featured as part of the Family Watch Bar. Hullabaloo Costumes has a huge selection of kids Halloween costumes and is safe to buy from. I just love this site our of all the ones I've come across.

September 10, 2008 at 12:15 PM  

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