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Friday, February 8, 2008

Taking care of the elderly

Recently one of my cousin sisters was afflicted with stroke. She is now partially paralyzed and is unable to talk or move her left limbs. She has been discharged from the hospital and is now being taken care of by one of her daughters at her home.

The elderly as well as people who are afflicted by strokes or other illness which have made them immobilized or dependant on others need special care and attention.

Although doctors will explain and help out as much as possible, it is still frustrating as you do not receive comprehensive information on how to take care of your loved ones in these kinds of situations.

For comprehensive information on long - term care for your loved ones, do check out Bettercaring.com

Bettercaring.com is a very user friendly site where information on long-term care such as caring at home, residential care as well as information about finance is provided.

For residents of the United Kingdom, you can make use of their search facility provided in their website to check out about registered UK nursing homes. You can make use of their reviews and tips given to make a better informed decision when choosing a home care solution for your loved ones.

Bettercaring.com provides a discussion forum where you can contribute your insights as well as get advice and tips from others who are in the same or similar situation as you. Some of the forum topic that I found to be of interest include: Experience of care homes, good, bad or indifferent, Health issues and continuing to live a full life as well as discussion of your experience of caring for someone with dementia.

You can also read up on true and real life stories of the elderly and how they are coping. As I was browsing through the site, I came across many interesting articles including, "What is the ideal care home?"

For a round-up of news involving nursing home, carers and health issues, you could check out News in Brief under News and Comment.

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Blogger Michelle Dunn said...

Thank you so much for this information!! I think it's soooo important that our older loved ones get the proper care and attention they deserve! God knows they did it for us, and still do to this day!

Trying To Have a Baby - A Mother's Story

February 13, 2008 at 6:11 PM  

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