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Friday, February 15, 2008

IT support and help

As my school going children have started to use the computer for their homework and projects, we found that having only one computer at home has become insufficient. Thus my husband and I recently got a new computer. However, we realized that linking up the both computers through a wireless LAN service would be more beneficial as we could access the internet simultaneously.

As I needed a better technical knowledge of computers and internet I surfed the net in search of a site that provides straightforward, expert IT advice which is trustable.

BT Home IT provides support over the phone for a wide range of technical queries. For issues relating to anything from PCs and printers to iPods and webcam BT Home IT will be able to provide all your answer without all the usual jargon so that even someone who has only basic knowledge is able to understand their advice. They also provide hints and tips relating to any of these issues.

BT Home IT Support can also provide home visits. By booking an appointment with their engineer, you could get face to face help in setting up a new wireless network, installing a new operating system or if you should have any computer repair or even making the most of your home entertainment system.

Worried that spyware, virus and other unwanted programs are in your computer, than you could ask BT Home IT to do a Computer Healthcheck where computer clean up and health check will be provided. They will also provide a review of your computer's security levels.

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