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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Planning your Home School Activities

For parents who have decided to home school their child, the next step would be the planning of the calendar year with the home school activities. Individual lesson plan, weekly, monthly and semestral plans will have to be researched and filled up.

The Jubilee Academy is a nationally recognized accredited curriculum provider. As they provide curriculum for Preschool through 12, online, you will have a reliable and consistent organization to fall back on.

Whenever you have any questions or queries, you need not worry. The Jubilee Academy has support on hand any time, from anywhere, 24/7.
Such a feature is a distinctive advantage that most schools or other educational institutions which function from 9 to 5 are unable to provide.

For a parent who is homeschooling a special needs student or accelerated learner, you can take a look at their Elementary and High School courses to meet your child's specific needs as well as mix and match grade levels according to your homeschooler's individual needs.

For more information on the curriculum activities provided by The Jubilee Academy for the various Educational levels, Click Here

I have highlighted some of the curriculum provided for Preschool Home School Curriculum by The Jubilee Academy.

Their home school lesson plans include lots of interactive and hands-on activities as well as options for weekly field trips.

Preschoolers are captivated by the many fun and dynamic songs, videos and stories.

The academic areas that Jubilee Academy concentrate on for the preschoolers include English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies and basic Bible knowledge.

Another advantage is that The Jubilee Academy home school program provides all the course materials that parents need to successfully home school their children.

Multimedia CDs, textbooks, workbooks, and other supplemental home school materials are provided to enhance your child's learning experience.

The Jubilee Academy charges affordable tuition fees and provides the option to pay through their Zero Interest Tuition Plan where you pay a down payment, then 3 instalments. For more details about their tuition fees please Click Here.

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