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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quirky Rules to discipline Children

Once I read from a parenting magazine about Quirky Rules that work. The rules that I too follow are:

1)I can't understand you when you speak like that -
this rule enables and encourages to stop the whining, screaming and general rudeness of tantrum making children.
Whenever your child orders (rather that ask or request) you to do something, whines or otherwise speaks to you in a way you don't like - whisper this " I can't understand you when you speak like that". Always calmly repeat this instead of raising your voice.
As the child who is whining or being rude is trying to seek attention, following this rule makes sure that attention is not given for bad behavior.

2) There's no such thing as boredom - is another rule that I also use. This way you prevent your child from saying " I'm bored", thus you teach her to entertain herself. When you tell your child "There's no such things as boredom, only failure of imagination or only mental laziness", now the burden of amusing herself lands directly on herself, which is precisely where you want it.
As your child learns how to entertain herself, there's truly no such thing as boredom. And that's a gift that will last all her life.

The following list some of the other quirky rules that some parents uses to disciplining their kids.

3)You can't be in the room when I'm working unless you work too - This rule will enable you to get your child to help with your chores or stop bugging you while you do your chores.
Lets say you are folding clothes and your child wants her missing toy to be found and wants you to help, you then tell her "Help me with my chores so that we can finish it up faster together, than I'll help to find your toy". If she chose not to help with the folding than continue doing your chores. Only once your are done with your chores should you help her.
As kids like to spend as much time with their parents as possible, they'll realise that even helping Mom with her chores means spending time with her!

4) I don't work past 8 pm - this rule enables you to establish regular bedtimes and time off for you.
Tell your child that the govt. has set up a new rule that states that you are no longer allowed to do any kind of mom jobs past 8 pm in the evening.
(Would work better with younger children as they can be easily impressed and would not argue back with you that there's no such law.)
This rule means that the parent will no longer be able to read books, play games, listen to everyone's daily happenings, give bath - yeah the whole mother package - after the set time.
Be firm, act as if it is out of you hands. ( Similar to Cinderella and Midnight).
Now that your child knows that after say, 8pm you will not be free, she will rush to get ready for bed so that she can spend time to read book with you etc.

Do you know of other Quirky Rules that work for you. DO share it with me by submitting a comment so that I can link to you in this post.

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Anonymous Tom Hanson said...

When it comes to discipline I always enjoy reading from Marian Wright Edelman's "The Measure of our Success" as a reminder of what discipline means. I did a review of this wonderful book at:

if it is of interest to your readers.

Tom Hanson

October 21, 2007 at 8:08 AM  

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