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Monday, October 15, 2007

Easy Ways to make your Vacation trip Smoother.

When you go on a long trip with small children (or many children, or both), the following tips will help to keep your kids entertained.

Have a "Secret" supply of small games, toys and books. This would allow you to have a good few hours of queit travel. Do reveal new items slowly, one at a time, so as to have an element of surprise and to avoid boredom. If the kids know in advance whats available, they would not be excited or a fight over who gets to play what may also ensue. So take charge and bring along toys and books for each child as well as games that can be played together.

For small kids a bag of colourful pipe cleaners is great for hours of twisty, bendy fun.

A lap tray or clipboard can turn car time into art time. Do bring along paper and washable markers so that by the end of the trip, your child can produce a beautiful card/picture for her grandparent, uncle etc.(Whomever you'll be visiting)

For Older kids, try some word games. See my earlier post "Word Games" posted here at 21/07/07. All you need is just paper and pencil to have hours of fun.

Another way to entertain your children is to bring along a car or portable DVD player and some of your child's favourite DVDs.

Have a sing along session with young kids when you play their favourite songs during the trip.

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