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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All about Children

Child Facts

Children in need

Poverty affects about 1 billion children or 1 in 2 children worldwide. Most of them live in developing countries, where 1 in 3 do not have proper shelter, 1 in 5 have no access to safe water and 1 in 7 have no access to health care services.

Hunger is the most extreme form of poverty, where families are unable to provide for basic needs for food. Famine or starvation may spring to mind, but hunger can also take the form of under-nourishment as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The lack of nutrition can in turn lead to stunted growth, less energy, slow thinking and an increased risk of illness.

Education is something that most of us take for granted. But in poor countries, where shelter, safety and food may be hard enough to come by, going to school sometimes takes a back seat. About 80 million children around the world do not have basic primary education, many of them whom are girls.

Web Fun for Kids
Here is a list of web sites that I have found useful to educate and entertain my kids. Some are more suitable for younger kids, while others are for school going kids.
If you know of other useful sites do feel free to share it with me by submitting a comment to this post.

www.kids.nationalgeographic.com - The National Geographic for kids. Learn about the world around us and all its wonderful creatures through games and quizzes and other activities.

www.crayola.com - Perfect for an afternoon of creativity.
There are colouring pages and lots of simple yet creative craft ideas. Try digi-colour for super on-line drawings that you can print too.

www.sesameworkshop.org - A Fun way to Introduce Alphabets to Kids.
The Sesamestreet Street muppets star in a wide variety of fun educational games centred around the alphabet, numbers, sorting and matching.

www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies - Based on many of the UK children programs.
Children can have lots of fun activities like songs, stories and rhymes with their favourite characters like Tweenies, Little Robots, 64 Zoo lane, Fireman Sam and many others.

www.funbrain.com - online educational games for kids of all ages. (math, grammar, science, spell, history)
- Playground - for young kids to increase their hand-eyes co-ordination, matching of colours and shapes and many more fun activities
-Math Arcade - For Fun with Maths
-Plural Girls - For older kids to test their ability to spell plural forms of words.

www.kidsknowit.com - Free educational Websites For the young, and the young at heart. Fun and educational games, activities, worksheets, free online classes, and much much more, make learning fun.

Child Achievers - Be Inspired by these kids
# At 10, Tatum O'Neal was and still is the youngest person ot win an Oscar. Her supporting role in the movie "Paper Moon" in 1974, gained her the coveted Academy Award.

# Carlos Blanco from Spain was only 11 when he was admitted to the Spanish Association of Egyptology in 1997.

# In 1981, mathematics whiz Ruth Lawrence from England was the youngest person to enter Oxford University at age 11.

# Malaysian 4 year old, Kam Su-Sze raised RM33,000 for UNICHEF in 2005, through the sale of postcards featuring her original artwork. Following her own family's escape from the tsunami in Phuket in 2004, she decided to help other less fortunate children.

# In 1998,Tara Lipinski at age 15 won the ladies’ figure skating gold medal. She is the youngest gold medalist in Olympic Winter Games history. She began skating on wheels before ice and won a regional roller skating title in New Jersey at age 5. Took to the ice at age 6 and six years later became the youngest athlete to win a medal at the now-defunct U.S. Olympic Festival, when she captured gold

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