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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Word Games

If you like to spend quality time with your kids without distractions from the TV or computer games, where you don't even have to buy any Board game to have hours of fun, Just try some of these Word Games.

1. Choose a long word such as Breakthrough. Ask the kids to make words using the alphabets in the word. Limit the time to 5 mins, ask the youngest child to read out her list of words. If there are similar words with the other participants then cancel those words from each child's list. Continue until each child's list has been read out. The child with the most uncancelled words is the winner.
Younger children get to learn new words from the older ones.

2. On a paper draw 6 columns. On the top of each column write the following as header: Name, Country, Animals, Fruits, Things and Marks. Repeat for each child who will be playing. (Having at least 4 participant will make the game more interesting.) Ask the youngest to choose an alphabet. Then each participant has to write words beginning with that alphabet. For eg, lets say that the alphabet chosen was B, then each would write a Name: Benny, Country: Brazil, Animal: Bear, Fruit: Banana & Things: Ball etc. Ask a child to read out her list. If they are the same as another persons' than 5 marks will be given for that category. If no one else has chosen that word than 10 points will be given. Continue until all the alphabets are used up. Highest mark at the end wins.

3. Make your own boggle game using Scrabble tiles ( or create some tiles using paper or cardboard). Arrange the tiles in a Square of 5X5 (or bigger if you want it to be easier.) Flip over to show the alphabets then start forming words and writing them down on paper. Set a time limit to make it more difficult. The only rule is that the alphabets must be adjacent to each other.

4. Choose a category, for eg, Film titles, (let take Star Wars for eg). Draw 4 dashes then a space then 4 more dashes to indicate the alphabets in the title. Let your child choose an alphabet. If it is in the title then fill it up on the correct space of the dashes ( lets say "T" was chosen then the 2nd dash would be filled with "T". Otherwise start drawing a stick man starting with the head. For every wrong alphabet continue to draw the body, hands and legs. ( If you want to give more chances then draw eyes, nose and mouth.)

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