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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Toddlers love to play!

How to keep your toddler occupied (so that he is not demolishing your rooms) and enjoy quality time with him/her?

Here are some ideas

  • Scribble Away - Toddlers love to scribble on paper or on any other materials at hand ( Like the walls, floor, on their sibling's school books and reports or on the leather sofa etc.) with crayons, pencils and paints. Isolate a room or area to do this activity so as to reduce mess. Extra attention is needed as your child might put the pens and paints into her mouth!
  • Dressing Up is fun - Collect clothes inexpensively through yard sales, Dollar Stores, Halloween clearances and Good Will. Pick up things such as jewelry, hats, sun glasses, badges, fancy dresses, costumes and other articles of interest. Let your child use her imagination and creativity for endless fun. (A great hit with my daughter especially when her friends are invited to our house.)
  • Time to take out the water guns - Toddlers love to play with water. They like to empty and fill containers and playing with ducky and other water toys during bath time. Fill up the garden pool and let the toddlers waddle and play in the water while older siblings can play using water guns. (As drowning is a major risk for toddlers pay extra attention at all time while they handle water!)
  • Time for a song - Singing with toddlers and playing games using the words or action from the song will be both fun and will help expand your toddlers knowledge of words and help her to learn to talk. Some songs that you can sing along with your child 1) Old MacDonald 2)This is the way I brush my teeth etc.
  • Books galore - Reading aloud to toddlers, like singing is very stimulating for them.

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Anonymous Kids Costumes said...

Creative imaginative play and dress up is one of the best ways to stir a child's intelligence during the early developmental years. Between all our kids, we saved several trunk loads of Halloween costumes and accessories for them and their friends to play with. It was well worth the investment.

July 15, 2009 at 4:06 AM  

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